This blog is all about street photography, sharing ideas, techniques and those awkward moments when you come face to face with someone who wants to take your camera and demands your memory card, because they are afraid the image will end up on a wall in some unsavory place. LOL!

I’m shooting right now with a Fuji X Pro-1, Fuji X E-1, lenses 35mm f/1.4, 14mm f/2.8. I’m using this camera primarily for street photography. Such fun to use in dark alleys, low light areas and the danger zone! Oh and I mean the DANGER ZONE!

I simply had to put my 5D Mark II to rest for a bit, as it gets quite heavy for this type photography, not to mention people can see me coming from a mile away.

I still love it when at times I still hit the streets with the Mark ii, hands go up over faces, people duck and dip out of lens view, and I sometimes get shot the finger, and little do they know these make the greatest images!!  HA, HA the jokes on you!!! I don’t quite get that reaction when I shoot with my the Fuji’s. Too Funny!!!

Soon after this next trip I will be sharing some fun images, shot in the trenches of the streets of Vegas! Later 2014 images from the streets of New York, San Diego and back to New York.

Such is the life of a street photographer, Right?

Share with me your thoughts and street photography adventures!!



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